The books you read & people you meet


In 5 years, you will be the same person aside from the books you read and people you meet.

I would add “and the languages you learn”.”

Reading blows my mind.

I tried to escape it as a 5th grader, perferring Scooby Doo instead unless it had to do with science.

I’m still a lover of non-fiction. Mostly biology.

I got into it with the Harry Potter books, then lept to Suze Orman, Suzanne Sommers and Dave Ramsey.

I downloaded the Overdrive app which allows me to borrow e books for free from my Montrose Library. When I figure out how I managed to get the book on my phone and tablet, I will share.

It’s an elaborate e-pole-vaulting type trick involving Overdrive, Amazon and Kindle.

Meanwhile, I just finished “Smart Money Smart Kids” by Rachael Cruze and Dave Ramsey and “Knockout” by Suzanne Sommers.

I wish I could read as fast as my new favourite rabbit-earred robot “Chappie”. “Chappie’s got a book? Chappie’s got storries?”

I’m mentioning Chappie a lot these days. I love him.

I was spellbound by “Knockout” in the first few pages. If you have ever been chronically ill or lost a loved one to cancer, you must read this.

I have seen what cancer did to my beloved stepparents. Within weeks, each parent was already gone. In their place was a shell of a person that somewhat resembled them in speech but the light was gone. It was as if they were behind a gauze curtain and I couldn’t reach them. I promised my husband that I would never do chemo. Never.

Suzanne’s explanes the biology, nutrition, and lack of peptides in cancer patients.

Bioidentical hormones as cancer protectors.

I know that Bi-est and Pro-gest have given me a great quality of life for 13 years and kept me a very young 47 year old. You will have to rip these out of my cold, dead hands. Correction, dead hands. I have Reynaud’s and my skin is always chilled.

I have vampire skin…just ask my husband.

I think that reading many wonderful books has allowed me good health to travel the world and meet amazing people who I have helped and who have helped me.

*Pimsleur Mandarin Chinese I CD set.  My car was my classroom and opened up another continent for me.
I speak Spanish, some French and some Mandarin now. Instead of yelling at Houston drivers I would say “where is the hotel?” in Chinese.

What if we all spoke the same languange?

I wonder.

*Hormones Health and Happiness
*Hypothyroidism Health and Happiness
both by Steven Hotze
Yes, I met him.

“The Law of Money” by Suze Orman
I would LOVE to meet her.

“Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey
yes, I got to meet him and Chris Hogan.

“Do Over”
each by Jon Acuf
I got to meet him.

Dr Fred Emmite, my nutritionist who will have helped me lose nearly 40lbs when I reach my goal.

Thousands of ladies hurting and helping on FB’s Endometropolis.

Many new Chinese friends in Chengdu (including a baby panda who seemed kind of like a person), Xi’an, and Beijing. They don’t see many Westerners in China and it’s very rare for a Westerner to attempt Mandarin with them.

It blows their mind. It makes them smile. I like being that person.

Never stop learning.

My Grandma will be 102 this fall. I still have A LOT to learn.

Including how Overdrive really works.


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