Sick without the guilt


What’s it like to be under the weather and retired?


No worrying if people at work don’t believe me. I never played hooky during my work years. Never.

No going to work sick.

2 years ago I had a severe reaction to a blood pressure medication and felt like an elephant was crushing my chest. I took a taxi to work because it happened to be Christmas Eve and I was worried about how it would look.

My coworker said I looked like a ghost that day.

I should have been in the ER.

How insane is that?

What control over our lives do we give to employers when we feel we have no choices?

I often think of all the fancy cars I drove past in the parking lot the day I was laid off. I thought about the owners “is it WORTH it?”

Being completely debt free with an older car and retired is FREEDOM.

So now I can lie in bed with a fever and sore throat without the work guilt I never should have had in the first place.


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