Idea Collector Rat


Akin to Coin Mouse is “Idea Collector Rat”.

Idea Collector Rat rips pages from her mags-Vogue, BHG, Shape, O, More, Elle and Costco

what? Costco?

um. yes….

and checks out ideas and recipes on her smartphone.

If they’re good, she puts them into IDEA BINDER for reference. If not, they go into the recycle bin.

She saw these cute cucumber eye thingies and wondered if they are any good at reducing dark rat eye circles…

Clearly not a good product from the reviews. Yeesh.


$50 and an errand saved!

And then 2 websites on healthcare cost comparisons. C’mon, magazine writers of New York…

Do you KNOW that there are other cities?….

great idea. Just don’t publish in “O” magazine if the thing doesn’t even include the 4th LARGEST city….

Helpful ones on travel-more on this next post.
Couple of recipes. nom.
Some fashion ideas. Yea.

Clutter in the house clutters her mind. She devours the mags then recycles and moves on.

That’s how Idea Collector Rat rolls.


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