Oh no. I’m in love with Nordstrom’s


I have been looking for a birthday dress.

I stopped first at Dillard’s on the way. I found some cute bootie sandals on sale but the customer service was awful. I don’t want to talk about it and ruin this happy high I’m on.

Maybe another day.

I then went to Nordstrom’s-renowned for excellent customer service.

I found a beautiful ponte’ (fancy for “forgiving double knit”)dress also on clearance for $103.

Then, thought I would see if I could get some perfume samples.

Oh boy!

First, a sommalier of perfumes, Chase, showed me how to mix various Jo Malones. I have the Sage and Sea Salt that I just love. He showed me how to layer the scents and suggested I try Valentino fragrance for men’s.

Then a lady who can wear woodsy scents like me showed me various men’s colognes she wears that perhaps I could wear.

Lots of fragrance samples.
Tiny dress fit and on super sale.

They made me feel like a $million.

I LOVE Nordstroms.

I won’t buy most things here but I may come more often when I need an ego boost.

And I’m considering that I would buy 1 good quality thing every few months.

It’s almost 100 F out. That means the fall edition of Vogue is coming.



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