My foray into holiday “home decor”


I have moved 27 times in 47 years. That means I have moved crap about every 2 years and now have very little emotional attachment to “things”.

Always under the possibility of a move, I am ready.

Our ranch aside, which is very leather, masculine and homey, my decor taste at the urban condo is minimalist metro with a sprinkle of traditional Southern and asian fusion.


I have a friend who decorates her house so cute for each holiday.
Smiling scarecrows at Halloween, chubby bunnies at Easter, metal dragonflies made out of carberators for summer.. Most stuff she crafts herself. She should have her own Etsy store, truly. Her style is always so adorable and welcoming and her house always smells like cookies or pies.

When I was working outside the home, I was humbug about seasonal decor. “no time, who cares etc” but now I am part homemaker and want my homes to be a bit like my friend’s during the holidays.

A month ago I put my decor toe in the water. 2 little American flags to put in the flower pots by the balcony door.

My husband noticed. “Oh, how cute!” and in my mind he also said “let’s go dress shopping for you!”

So okay! Yay!

Baby flags a hit.

We got to talking about his former neighborhood and the ladies competing over holiday decor. Apparently, entire attic remodels were done to accomodate $1,000s of dollar’s worth of annual decor.

New Years
President’s Day
Madri Gras
St Patricks
May Day
Cinco de Mayo
Mothers Day
Memorial Day
Veterans Day
Father’s Day
July 4th
Christmas in July
Summertime Fun
Beachy decor
Labour Day
Early fall
Canadian Thanksgiving
Columbus Day
Day of the Dead
plus Birthdays and parties

It resembles a hobbit’s eating schedule.

My favourite stores to find these treasures are HomeGoods, TJMaxx and AtHome.

So fun to look at all the things!


It’s ovewhelming..

And expensive.

I would rather spend thousands on trips to Paris and helping those in need or young folks with hustle.

So, I will check out AtHome this week to see what other 4th of July or Spring clearance items there might be.

The flags can be used for many holidays.

Perhaps I will find an Easter bunny that could be dressed as a Pilgrim

and Santa

and Cupid…


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