Get Fresh Starbucks for less


Fresh Starbucks is never on sale.

It’s like Victoria’s Secret bras. The everyday skin tones that work great under a white tee are never on sale-

only the sparkly green ones go on sale.

Now back to coffee.

I saw a documentary last year entitled “coffee”.

It was not as exciting as giant dinosaurs in 3D IMAX but was very informative. It’s all about the pick, the roast, water temperature and the oils.

I’ve seen Starbucks on sale in the grocery aisle and tried it. Really Starbucks should just have the people pull it from the shelves-it turns to sawdust and resembles the convenience store road trip coffee whose flavour is enhanced by a Slim Jim or giant bean burrito.

My grocery, Randalls, has a Starbucks upstairs. I always start my shop up there. The oils come out and the coffee is as good as a barista’s. I always ask for them to grind the coffee for French Press. Our Cuisinart water heater heats the water perfectly to 200 degrees for great coffee.

The upstairs coffee is never on sale.

until now.

I may have found a way to save a little $ here.
discount electronic cards for 8.5% off.

Step by step:
1. Get a physical card at Starbucks. You could put $1 to get it started.

2. Register your card at
because “stars” and a free drink.

3. – search on “starbucks” and be sure to check for Electronic card instead of the  physical card.


4. cardpool will email you with the card number and pin

     a. add card -add the card from the cardpool email.
Enter the
16digit number
pin number CSC


     b. transfer from the cardpool paper card to your physical card.
This is the cardpool card:
“transfer balance to another card (to your “physical card”)


Now tell it TO physical card and
FROM your cardpool card.


Next time you go buy your freshy fresh beans and have them grind for you, you will be armed with your discount card and be saving some moolah!


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