My opinion will cost you


I got an email from Sephora yesterday thanking me for my purchase of NARS lip gloss.

“write a review!” it begged.

Enter Grumpy Cat.


And she’s right. Why should I? There’s nothing in it for me.
No coupon.
No special promo code.

C’mon! Something!

I would have to login, etc etc. then be met with “error 503″(that’s my fav error if you hadn’t noticed).

Mind you, I appreciate the helpful and hilareous reviews on amazon.
I think those folks should win a free drone for their cleverness.

Take these reviews of
Fresh Rabbit.
I kid you not, it’s out of stock:


Ok, the dead rabbit is disgusting but these reviews are gems:


These folks are providing entertainment value, making other people laugh.

My initial lipgloss review in my mind would not help anyone.

“It is pink.
It is small.
I use it because I am pale.”

But then a night of Amazon rabbit reviews ensued including my husband doing an impression of Elmer Fudd that nearly made me need to change the bed clothes.

Bed clothes. Sorry. Not sure where I picked that one up but it has stuck as has “mapachi” instead of raccoon. My brain’s lunguistic sites a work in progress….

Afterwards, I was inspired to write the better review on Sephora:



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