Baylor PreMed?


I’m naturally curious and want to learn things.

Lately, I’m interested in translating medical articles about endometriosis for the Endometropolis group on FB. So so many are suffering around the world and I want to comfort and help.

The idea popped into my head yesterday: what if I read all the required textbooks for a pre-med program? Which one? Ah! Baylor, if course!

Here’s their undergrad premed programme:


Somehow I stumbled upon which texts are required:




This is the free .pdf I am already reading at the suggestion of my scientist sister.

Many books are available in an older .pdf edition.

My husband calls me his “lovable nut”.

I come from a long line of nuts.

My mom was a life science teacher and kept cow and sheep eyeballs in tupperware in our fridge.


Just sayin’.

This nut has not fallen far from the pecan tree.


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