Processing Nightmares


Last night’s dreams were terrible. Dave Ramsey got murdered by his brother-in-law and I had to go undercover as bait for the police to help catch serial killers and pedophiles.


At first I thought it was the superhot Uighur (”weegur” Western Chinese)food we had last night. It’s so hot that it makes Sichuan seem mild.

In the morning, when I had my bearings about me, I opened my Dream Moods app to make sense of the dream.

Turns out, it had little to do with me and everything to an angry taxi driver.

We had a beautiful rainy morning at the Temple of Heaven yesterday. The buildings are surrounded by 300 year old cedar juniper pines where blue jays jump about and squeek.

The sky turned blue and beautiful near the end of our tour and we just marvelled at this hidden gem.


We hailed a taxi to go to the Hutong art district for lunch and the young, round cab driver seemed glad and rather entitled to be getting this hefty fare.

Traffic was a mess, though, so we changed our mind and directed him back to the hotel. Angry, he pretended not to understand. At this point, we did “phone a friend”-our Chinese American friend to talk to him by phone.

It worked, but he was seething. He turned up his CD of talk radio that sounded very angry like Rush Limbaugh. I wondered if the CD was yelling nationalist or sexist things like “kick out foreigners!” or “keep women down!”

It could have been instructing him that “you deserve more sweet buns and dumplings because you exist!” for all I know.

I just wanted out of that cab.

Eckhart Tolle described something called “the pain body”. You can feel it coming off really angry people. The taxi driver oozed anger.

The dream app doesn’t predict the future or “soothsay”. It only suggests what symbols may mean so you can understand what may be bothering you.

I find that it helps when I am stressed or upset by something. It helps clear my mind so that it’s open to the new and good.


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