China and US Myth Quiz!


Let’s play a game:
See how many true and false you get right.

*eat dogs

It is illegal.

*eat really weird things like scorpion and live shrimp.

Somewhat true.
     Some in the southern part of China do but it’s like eating frog or alligator in the states-not so common and they have their own jokes about the Cantonese all in good fun. My husband was served live shrimp once..”I couldn’t eat something putting up its dukes and fighting me not to eat him.””
Eggs, tea, chicken, river fish and beef are most common.

*are starving and poor

     Seeing any begging or homeless is very rare.

*everything is so cheap!

Actually prices are 3x HIGHER here. I have not figured THIS one out yet.

*everyone is short and tiny.

This may have been true 2 generations ago, but boomer, Xers and Nexter equivalents are as tall as the US people and about the same size.



*Eat panda-

Some Chinese really believe this and get upset that pandas are loaned to US zoos.

*We all have big noses

We have noses of all shapes and sizes.

*are sexually very loose

(I shudder to imagine how this syereotype came to be–our best and brightest made it over here and then what?..)

When people ask me “what’s it like?” I give a few answers

“beautiful, delicious, friendly”

“just like here except I cannot read, write or speak much”

“just like here but different”


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