Actually, you CAN eat just one



Nummy nom nom chips for eating and making duck beaks.

Fine delivery system for salt.

I love salt.

Always have.

And my blood pressure is fine.

On our boat trip back from the Summer Palace, we got some snacks.

Enter the Chinese version of the potato chip.

I took a bite.

“What the hell is THIS?!” said my tasebuds.

“Ew. I don’t know. Let’s try another bite.”

Essence of dried fries.

And dried ketchup.

What is THAT?!

A friggin’ TOMATO?!


The world’s first diet chips?

Oh, wait. no.


Those were the Lay’s olestra chips made at the height of the low-fat craze. The “fat” olestra, would “slide” through the body-the side effect was ..em…”leakage”.

And then there is that horrible mistake, the BBQ potato chip.

People, no.

Just stop.

The AMERICANS led the way in screwing up the potato chip.

Then the Chinese followed suit by not a BACON flavoured chip but

a TOMATO flavoured one.

Other powdered flavours that I imagine could also be poorly immitated:

*Red bean

Put the chips down.

Let’s go find some salty dumplings!..


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