Workout clothes for less


I confess. I have a love/hate relationship with Title 9 clothing.

Each February, I get a catalogue in the mail and drool over the technical clothes and possibility.

“will I paddleboard this year?”
maybe. I would like to try it.

or climb rocks? no. I studied them. I don’t climb them.

Or go running? No. There is not a venn diagram that includes boobs and healthy knees.


All the models have muscles and “A” cups.

And the clothes are really expensive. $80 for a dress.


Gotta pay for the catalogue somehow I guess.

Then I saw cute workout gear at Kohl’s and Academy and bought some for bike riding.

Here are some great tech clothes that won’t break the bank:
Gaiam at


and Bcg at



One thought on “Workout clothes for less

  1. I have purchased workout clothes from Kohls in the past and they do hold up well. I like to buy online and use coupon codes, Kohls coupons, and go through ebates for additional savings. Even Target can have good workout clothes. I like the C9 brand. 🙂

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