The Adventures of Coinmouse


I am a coinmouse.

Coinjars make me nuts.
All change must be dealt with, spent, or exchanged for paper cash and deposited.

Enter Coinstar


Those green kiosks in grocery stores. The brilliant idea of taking the hassle out of coins. Customers can choose between a no-fee giftcard(Starbucks is my fav) or cash with a 10% Coinstar take.  10% is a really good return for them. Bad negative return for you.

“Hey! Turn $100 into $90 instantly!”

Coinmouse is not willing to give 10% to the ingenious green box and decides to get a Starbucks gift card. Miss Mouse will buy freshly ground coffee at Starbucks to make great homemade gourmet anyway.

She puts the bags of coins into the bin and Coinstar begins the count….
“Wholly Crickets!”

And then, magic. “error”. The sound of an old-timey modem crackling to life….A slip prints with instructions to bring the full amount to customer service for cash!

Paper cash


She looked for coinstar receipts online and saw this one for $217



This person paid $21.79 to have the green box count for them. Maybe it was worth it. They can’t be bothered rolling coins or buying $217 worth of coffee or music.

Miss Mouse grocery shops with her debit card to track the expense and then deposits the cashola.

Happy Mouse LIKES Coinstar giftcards but LOVES computer errors more.

The broken machine was at the Kroger on West Gray St. in Houston. X fingers it’s not fixed anytime soon…

Next Adventure: foreign $ exchange…


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