Learning new things


I used to have a coworker with an infectious positive attitude. He would always say “Come to work everyday because you’ll learn something new!”

Now that I’m retired, I want to learn so many things:
*how to panfry perfect fish
*learn to read Chinese

I’ve been to China a couple of times and my biggest challenge was not being able to read much.

The charcters are called “radicals” and there are “traditional” and “simplified”

Luckily there is an app to play and I have a book to study.

I find that creating little stories about the radicals helps to learn


“gong” for example. I saw this one a lot near road costruction. It looks like a girder and I thought of “work gang.”


There is even a radical for “little nose” and “big nose” which makes me worry that in Beijing, I may
look like Kreacher to those who have never seen a Westerner in person before.


If this were true, I don’t think grown ladies, teens and children would want photos with me. Some try to “sneak” pictures, others come right up in groups like I’m a movie star.

I prefer to think the latter.

I have been told by several people that I resemble Daryl Hannah or Nicolette Sheridan.

Now I need to find the radical for “dream world”…



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