Switch Electricity Providers and save $


I have been with Tara Energy for years. This time of year, they send me a renewal offer letter of price per kwh (kilowatt hour).

This year’s offer was 9.9 cents/kwh which is not horrible but not great. The average Houstonian is on mental autopilot and pays 16.1 cents/kwh!

People! Wake up!

Compare rates here:

Doing this, I found Bounce Energy and built my own plan.

$75 cash bonus at retailmenot.com
plus 3% cash BACK.

Let’s compare:
We use 730 kwh on average when January and July-September becomes unbearable.

Let’s compare bills (without taxes and fees)
if we were on autopilot

Tara’s new offer:
750*9.9 =$72.27

Bounce: 750*8.0 plus cash back and $75 off.

$60 –
of $60=$1.80

Go here:
Look for promo codes here:

If you are in Houston
promo codes
1373552 or

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