I am cured of kidney disease!


In 2012, my body was suddenly falling apart. I didn’t feel well, my legs went edemic and I was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney failure.

I had rapidly put on 20 lbs even though I was vegan and excercising.

At the beginning of this 2012 Houston summer, I was fitted with compression hose.

Every day my legs itched and were on fire. It was brutal.

I had a kidney infection that year-it was so painful.

By 2013, my husband said I thought the endo was back. By November that year, in agony, I wanted a body transplant.

In 2014, I began the journey to prep myself for endo surgery #5. I stopped all alcohol, all carbs, and excercised 90 mins EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I prayed “God, please! I cannot do your work like this. Please show me what to do!”
He gave me strength and encouragement to be strong. To not eat tempting foods or drinks.

He activated my inner Marine who is one salty Bitch “get up! work out! You have PLENTY of fat stores!”

Dr. Cukier and Project Runway gave me hope. That I coukd transform a sick size 12 scoliosis body into a size 2/4 dream body with a cool battle scar.

God worked through Dr. Mangal’s hands on surgery day, removing endometriosis from the kidney tube that was plastered against my colon.

9 months later (yesterday)  my nephrologist gave me the news I hoped for.

“your kidneys are NORMAL”

I was in shock at first but wept all the way home from the med center.

With God guiding us, we solved this as a team!
my inner Marine
my husband (as nurse post op)
Dr. Cukier
Dr. Mangal

I belong to the Endometropolis Facebook group where the stories are much more horrid than mine and women in the UK and CANADA with socialised medicine are in living hell.

Others have reported the left uterer being trapped. Many lost that kidney from endo.

Today is beautiful.

I am grateful to live in Houston with the BEST endo care IN THE WORLD.

to still have my kidneys

to be able to guide women and mothers of little girls (ages 6,8) who have this horrid affliction.

Can you imagine being a first grader feeling like you’re in labour?!

I know what my purpose in life is-to understand this disease with my scientific mind, to teach others, to encourage and help the newly diagnosed.


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