Don’t be a phone sheep


One of the perks that came with my former job was a company iphone 5.

I LOVED that phone.

Needing to turn the phone back in, I stopped by at&t to get a new phone and number.

While waiting for my turn, I began looking at phones.

I started with what I knew-iphones.

The pricetags were shocking.

$900 for the iphone6.


That is insane!

I looked at the iphone 4.



I even compared prices on amazon. Not so different.

I had NO IDEA these phones were so EXPENSIVE!

I walked around the Samsungs, Window phones (guaranteed not to have Pinterest)

and finally to the lil’ phones near the restroom.

The HTCs.

$79, $139.

Hey, now we’re talking.

It turns out, I had been doing phones like a sheep. Simply accepting that “around $100 a month” for a phone was “normal”.

As Dave Ramsey says

“normal is broke”


“poor people ask ‘how much a month?’


rich people ask ‘how much?'”

While looking at the HTC phones, I remembered my Chinese phone-my Huawei!

And it’s already paid for!

All I needed was a new SIM card and for the nice folks at AT&T to configure my APN access point network to be AT&T.

And to learn the English/Chinese keyboard….
My emoticons are these:


And the monthly cost for unlimited text, talk and 3G of data and 4G internet access on the go?


Moral of the story?

*Don’t be a “phone sheep”

*Ask ‘how much’ for the phone

*An ‘upgrade’ is stupid-you’re signing up to buy another phone

*BYOP bring your own phone. Most carriers can handle this

*If you’re paying more than about $50/month for service, you’re getting ripped off

Here’s a handy website to check plans:


3 thoughts on “Don’t be a phone sheep

  1. Really good advice. I was one of those people who signed a contract with verizon with an Iphone 6. Although I do love the phone, the monthly bill is outrageous. In turn being that I have always tried to be that person who tries to justify the cost of something I have found so many ways of using my phone on a daily basis to completes tasks that I used to use my computer for. But the bottom line is always the bottom line and it does cost dearly. 😦

  2. Great advice! I did the same thing! We found our old used iPhone 4 with a cracked screen. Unlocked the phone thru AT&T, the original carrier, replaced the broken screen and subscribed to Cricket for $35/mo for phone an data. Happy as a lark now! Now I’ve got my parents to unlock their phones and getting them onto Cricket which will be $70/mo for the two iPhone 4’s. 🙂


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