Weight loss break through


It’s finally happened.

I broke through the next weight barrier with only 8 lbs left to go.

What did I do?

Stopped thinking that I “needed” a “big” lunch of a piece of chicken or 5 turkey veganaise rollups.

I’m sticking with egg whites and pesto and butter and almond butter plus 90 mins excercise.

I tried eliminating butter altogether.
It did nothing and left me unsatiated and depressed.

Other changes thank to Dr. Fred:
Nordic Naturals Omega 3 fish oil 10 caps a day; 5 before each meal and Ultimate Flora probiotic at night with my evening egg whites.

Here it is:
Breakfast-black coffee and meds
Lunch-5000mg of fish oil first.
4 hollowed out egg whites with 1/2 of a yolk. Fill egg whites with LeGrande vegan pesto.

Workout 90 mins

Afternoon if the hunger pangs get bad: Whey protein shake. 1 T Justin’s almond butter with 2 tsp butter.

Dinner-Repeat lunch and add probiotic with eve supplements.

1 T Justin’s almond butter with 2 tsp butter.


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