Is my stomach skrinking?


Something weird is happening.

My husband and I went out for seafood last night. I ordered a small fillet of Mahi Mahi and gave my husband the broccoli and other veg.

This restaurant serves things big-on platters if shrimp are fanned out. It’s in a college town, so apparent large portions are probably quite popular with students who have non-stop appetites.

Before I could finish my portion of fish, I was full.

Thanksgiving-elastic-pants full.

As if I had eaten the entire bread plate, a 20lb turkey, stuffing AND pie.

In the past, I could have eaten an appetizer, salad, and the whole plate of fish and veg and still wanted cake AND treats at the movies.

But I was full.

Had my stomach “shrunk”?

Does that really happen?

Or do nerves get more sensitive?

Send in the scienceth nerd!


Here’s what I found:
1. Physically, the stomach does not shrink but becomes more like the Panama canal.

2. Eating protein causes the duodenum (”gateway to the West! and the intestines!”) to release a hormone called CCK. (in the picture, left side of shiny star).

3. CCK causes the pyloric sphincter (the valve between the stomach and duodenum indicated by the shiny star)to remain closed for longer, whereas sugar or carbohydrates open it early so you can eat MORE.

4. Because the stomach is semi-closed, the vagus nerve endings around the stomach (drawn in yellow by yours truly) sense the CCK and send signals to the brain “ding! you’re full!”

So why is this happening FASTER than when I was following a 20g carb max ketogenic diet?


Fasting causes the Ghrelin, the “hunger hormone” to lower. Water can do this too but for a shorter period. Lack of sleep for 3 days in a row can cause ghrelin to rise.

Another advantage to retirement….

Fasting, lots of sleep and eating fat causes Leptin, “the skinny hormone” levels to rise. Leptin and CCK are the “I’M FULL!” alarm bells to the brain.

Come to think of it, while eating the fish, I craved butter and asked for some.


Boom. Full.

I tried a little experiment today.

I ate butter with some almond butter made with coconut oil BEFORE inhaling my whey isolate chocolate shake for lunch.

Totally full 3/4 into the shake.

Am I onto sonething here?

I will rinse repeat and see how it goes this week.

Bring on the butter!


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