Breaking into Summer Workout Routine

My husband says I eat like an anorexic bird but here’s my fellow blogger, also insulin resistant who eats very little for a guy.

Check out his weight loss menu.
Could you do his?
or mine?

Simple Living Over 50

Today I feel as though I am strong enough to start working out once again. There is nothing worse than belly problems taking you out. I rested for more than 2 days and feel strong once again, but during this healing process I did increase my carbohydrate intake to provide the needed energy for my immune system to do it’s thing. I did stick to my meal plan but ate things like healthy breads and potato’s between meals. It seems that it has done the trick, but it has also left me with some numbers that are not so desirable.

I am not one to complain about body weight because I know that in the muscle building world that our body weight increases as we build muscle, but I do know that I have put on some undesirable body fat do the the fact that my pants are fitting a…

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