A new dentist and saving $1,800


I went to my husband’s dentist yesterday for a second opinion and was pleasantly surprised.

If you recall in my previous post, I had a bit of an identity crises after retiring 2 months ago when the oil and gas downturn met endometriosis semi-remission.

And I’m hoping the picture of the little girl above is cute, not creepy. She was cute in the office and not at all ready to kill anyone.

The dental hygenist and dentist were about my age and more experienced. Both read my xrays and didn’t note the bleak future of the Floss hygenist, fresh out of school in an office that needed a way to pay for lasers and TVs that no one watched had.

The office was professional but homey, complete with a quilt that the ladies worked on at lunch and at-chair water and drains like in Pixar’s Nemo:


I hadn’t seen one since I was a kid and was hoping maybe there would be a “big kid” toys drawer at the end from which to choose a toy: maybe an ipad, a phone charger or growth stock mutual fund.

But it was better than that:

A hygenist who was careful not to poke me too hard and complimented my teeth and skin and understood that some people produce more mineral than others.

No sign of Mrs. Badcrumble anywhere.

A good dentist who took the time to explain  the biology of gum recession-it has nothing to do with being closer to Crypt Keeper age than 20. And I had some bone loss but nothing to do anything as drammatic as deep clean “plaining”” or a crown.

$1800 out of pocket at Floss.

And they had teeth whitening for $10/tube instead of $600 or $150.

The office thought I was a badass since I could handle zoom. I was thinking “you have no idea. I have endo AND had a tummy tuck with only Tylenol as recovery. ”

I respected the fact that the dentist owned his own practice and wasn’t a part of a huge conglomeration with a “middle man” seeking unnecessary profits from freaked -out patients.

In the end, no toy drawer but confidence in my teeth and a new dentist.

And we saved $1800.

And I’m still me.


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