Pandora may really be costing you $


You’ve probably gotten this vague robot text message from your phone provider:

“Hello. You are about to go over the phone cliff and we will charge you $1,000,000 to stay alive.

error 503”

And you think

“oh God. Am I in trouble? What app on my phone is sucking the vortex of the universe and my checking account dry?”

Answer: Pandora

Streaming music.


Here’s how to fix it on an android:
Wireless and or Networks


Networked apps


Turn OFF the ones attempting to use mobile data.

Turn them on only to WLAN (wifi).

Connect to your wifi and put in your password.

Now each time you get home, you can run data hogs like FB and Pandora.

Otherwise, think of all that music you coulda bought for $15.


What about iphone users?

settings (if asked)
use cellular data
       set it to off


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