Fasting and Edward Cleaning Hands


In trying to kickstart my body into ketogenesis, I tried my normal low-carb routine with 90 mins of treadmill for week 1.

Not much happened.

This made me mad.

Thursday I decided to try fasting mostly to abuse my body. My inner Marine who appeared in my anorexic days as a teen is a mean SOB.

“C’mon you wuss! You don’t DESERVE food today! Let’s kick it into high gear!”

And I did, preparing for a huge  Texas BBQ of 23 (for my husband’s work) at our ranch.

Cutting wood with the sawzall, hauling it, buring it, picking up sticks.

Allowing myself to have some egg whites and nothing more.

I felt queasy and had a headache.

The next morning I woke up at 4:30AM full of energy.

Did my body finally find the treasure trove of fat stores?

“oh my God! It’s like the Sierra Madre up in here!”

I enjoyed a gorgeous morning watching the sun come up. A whitetail deer drank from the upper pond while Mr. Bullfrog was still bellowing for the “ladiez”. Mama Crested Titmouse fed her babies, cardinals chased each other, and Ms. mockingbird did a great impression of a cat. “mreoow”.

I went “to town” to do the last big shop for the party and started cooking the 30lbs of ribs for the BBQ.

Meanwhile, I hacked up a watermelon, blanched and marinated asparagus, prepped a second marinate and then began cleaning.

And cleaning.

I watched in amazement while my hands took me from room to room scrubbing and cleaning.

It was all I could do to keep my hands from attempting to make topiaries or ducks out of the bathroom towels.

This went on until 11PM.

My husband was concerned.

“I can’t help it. My hands are doing it by themselves and I ‘m the innocent bystander.

I’m Edward Cleaning Hands!”

I’m hopeful that this energy burst is the fat store and will keep on burnin’ until I hit the goal.

The next challenge will be “Teetoaller Wine Club in New Orleans”.

Land of drinking.
Best bread in the WORLD (sorry France, it’s true).


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