Beauty School


The last time I bleached and toned my hair I realised that I could not see behind me.

That’s a deal-breaker when it comes to bleached hair. (I may have mentioned that my hair is Scandinavian brown/grey and like Japanese hair, has a really tight cuticle. The only way for this Kattigat hair to change colour from old field mouse brown is bleach).

The smallest mistake can give me tiger hair. “mmrroeew”.

I had totally forgotten that Houston has fabulous beauty schools that do a great job for a fraction of the price.


All of that would have cost $250-$400 at a regular salon.

When I walked in, the studio looked very much the way I remembered-clean and professional. Manequin heads were some of the other clients.

I could swear one of the practice heads looked like Mod Hair Ken….

As I sat in the chair and explained my new-found knowledge of Kattigat hair, the young student looked perplexed.

“I’m your first bleach blonde client, aren’t I?”

She looked scared.

“Yes.” she replied.

I wasn’t scared.


3 reasons:
1. I had most of my hair fall out in 1986.
Nothing really scares me as much anymore except snakes.

2. The newer students are taught by the instructor, the more experienced ones are supervised.
I had Miss Josey-a wiz at blonde hair.

3. I had great success with this school before. A sweet lady named Jeni used to do my hair.

The thing about Texas is that you’re bound to meet someone famous-The Bush Sr.s at “Annie”, Farah Fawcett at an Astros game, a juror for the Cheerleader Murder case, and those associated with the “cupcake murder” of 1998. Years ago, Jeni, was a student who lovingly did my hair and was Shelby’s mom. If you are squeamish, skip the link. I told my husband “let’s put it this way: I think God puts me in the path of certain people to hear their story.”

I smiled at the new student. “Don’t worry, you’ll learn this.”

Something magical happens in that studio chair. I ask the young ladies “What’s next after school? What is your dream?”

And a big smile crosses their face.

And they speak their future out loud.

“I want to do hair in the Galleria (upscale part of the city). And then have my own studio.”

Miss Josey comes back to check the process of the bleach and tells the student “we’re near the end of the roots. Pull the bleach through small pieces to add dimension.

Remember, you’re an artist-do what you think will look pretty.”


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