I Finally Discovered the Solution to Lowering my Blood Sugar

I ‘m going to try this as a kind of “guest post”.
Type 2 or Pre-like-me.

paleo or keto eating
small amount of excercise to drive glucose out of muscle and keep imflammation low.

Simple Living Over 50

solution1The new workout routine seems to be working well. By limiting the sets in each routine of my bowflex exercises to just one rather than three I am putting less stress on my body, reducing the inflammation but still driving the sugar from my system. My hunger during the day was limited and I was satisfied with small meals with plenty of salad. And by adding a small amount of cardio back into my daily routine seems to give me more energy during the day.

I think that is safe to say that I am finally back to where I am supposed to be. My blood sugar was an astounding 83 this morning and my weight dropped slightly. I feel really good, I am positive, focused and ready to move forward in my mission. For each problem their is a solution. It is all based on balance, but finding that…

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