Stunt Plants


These are the vestiges of gorgeous fuscia Guinea impatients.

partially disguised as hydrangeas

from Michaels.

These are my “stunt plants””.

The “concealer” for our garden blemishes when I don’t have time to replace plants or I’m hoping that the “zit-plants” die or recover.

When I first got these beauties, they were stunning but like teenage boys with food. No amount of water was enough.

So, I think I drowned them in a fit of gardener’s anger.

which on the scale of anger is like -3.

“take THAT you thirsty blighters!”

I may have some Aussie in me.

The plants made it through our garden retirement party but have been struggling to come back since.

I may have to put them in garden icu-

repot and see what happens.

This rather reminds me of two horrible garden disasters from my past.

Once when I thought putting chicken poo and bloodmeal on my garden when I owned two 65lb indoor dogs was a great idea. They thought that year was THE BEST SMELLING garden ever.

And so they rolled in it.

Next, was my crunchy granola idea of a compost bin in a trash can.

There was no Pinterest in those days. How was I supposed to know it needed drainage?

I dumped it out one day and the smell was akin to roadkill.

I think I mentioned something about dead raccoons to a neighbor….

Anyway, I think I may repot these impatientd and get some other, sturdier shade plants.

Until then, thank goodness for the craft store.


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