A Tale of two taxi drivers and “beware the mammals”

Recently, my husband and I went on vacation in Florida. We were picked up by a taxi driver who I would not have ridden with if my husband had not been there.

He had a worn, Escalade type car, baseball cap and greasy hair. I  thought “dude! there’s water EVERYWHERE! You could just pull over and the ocean would bathe you for FREE!

I’m pretty sure he may have been in Breaking Bad…

or he knows Tuco Salamanca.

Wait, no. Tuco was tacky but clean.

I can hear Jimmy Fallon as “Sara” saying “No! Ew!”

The ride was ok and basic transport.

Contrast to a young man named Justin in Fort Walton. He has “hustle”: clean car, opened and closed doors, soft jazz music playing accepts cards on his smartphone.

A world of difference.

He is the owner of Justin’s Taxiservice and we used him for all our taxi needs.


Even a post-dinner run for prosecco and Snickers.

We’ll be sure to use him in the future AND recommend him on yelp.

Which reminds me of this hilareous review on trip advisor of the museum of natural history in Beijing by my husband (2 funny people in my house? yes! That’s how we roll…)

“beware the mammals”



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