There’s retirement relaxed and then there’s houseplant

Retirement is fabulous.

Every day is Saturday except Sunday (up early for church).

Though my days are busy because I choose to create a little schedule, they are still relaxing, peaceful, and fulfilling.

I made this little “printable” below with errands, appointments, ideas
entitled “what adventure today?”

It’s inspired by Pinterest and Zig Zigler’s wheel of life.
The wheel of life includes these aspects:
excercise ual
learning- I may sign up for reflexology class.


There’s that level of low stress and then there’s the mother of low stress-retired AND on vacation.

I’m at the beach in Florida with my husband and I am basically a houseplant in a maxi skirt.

I don’t have the ever-present worry about my position being replaced, horrible sheet cake or missing out on team building while gone.

My stress level has not been this low since age 4.

Some worry “I’ll be too old to do anything!”


I went down the pool slide about 5 times yesterday.

Today we’re going boogeyboarding.


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