everydollar.com budget tool is awesome!


The best budgeting tool available today.

I wanted to wait a bit and fully test it a bit more but the interwebs exploded yesterday. I tweeted to Dave Ramsey himself a big “thank you” and he retweeted it to about half a million people. OMG

my inbox is still loading up with new followers…

1.Anyway, go here:

2.sign up with a username and password to share with your parter if you have one.

3. upper right, click “accounts” to connect your bank. The cost is $9.99/month to have the drag and drop capability. It’s WORTH it. Don’t be cheap here. The banks are charging Dave Ramseys company to do this, so the nominal cost is passed to you.

It’s a great bargain and helps to train you and your partner to budget each month and give “every dollar” an assignment.

Works on
laptop, desktop

Don’t cry. Android is coming.
I use it on my old laptop called “BEAST”.

You’re gonna love it!


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