I’m a coinmouse…

Coin jars.

They drive me crazy.

They look cluttery and make me think of how a house with cats and old newspapers smells.

Recently, I sorted through a coin tray at home, careful to pick out the collar stays and foreign coins my husband puts there after emptying his pockets.

I made sure to look for any wheat pennies, buffalo nickels and the like. There was about $5.00 in there! I bagged it and took it to Whole Foods where they were happy to exchange it to paper bills for me.

I related this story to my husband that evening and he said “Great!”

I must have given him the “Lucy Arnaz” look: “really?!”

Him:”Oh yea. Go nuts.”

Me:”Even with the jar at the ranch? because I think there’s about $38.12 in there.

or something.”

Him: “Yea. Have at it.”

Me:”It could add to my CUTE CLOTHES FUND!”

Win Win!

Many years ago in my first marriage, things were very different.

I thought I would be “helpful” and organize the coin jar into neat rolls in proper bank-provided rolls.

“Wapner on at 3. I’m a very good DRIver….”

I presented my accomplishment.

It didn’t go well.

Expecting a gushing “thank you”, I was, instead, met with a series of profanities and yelling that would have a hard-core death row inmate taking notes.

He was saving it for something at Gander Mountain

Gander Mountain is the equivalent of hauling a man shoe shopping all day.

I think he had a credit card there.
Card Number 0000 0000 0000 001

Anyway, it seems a coinmouse and a coin dumper are much better suited.

Plus cute mouse togs.



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