Please Don’t Joke the Monkeys

I no longer have an iphone. They are expensive as hell. It was a company phone.

$900 for a new iphone6. Are you kidding?!

That is insane.

More in a later post.

I have a Huawei.

Made in China.

For the Chinese.

For use in China.

It worked great last year for texting my husband via the WeChat app.

I could text and take photos of funny signs lost in translation such as “DONT JOKE THE MONKEYS”
(don’t tease the monkeys)

“NOT TO PARABOLIC” (don’t throw trash)

“BUDDA SAY NO!” (don’t commit suicide at Mt. Ermei)

Since I was unwilling to cough up the $900, I thought a new SIM card would be all I need.

Now the GPS and on-the-go interweb works thanks to the tech-savvy people at ATT.

Let’s talk about the keyboard.

Better yet, I will show you what it takes to use commas, dollar signs and periods.

t took a bit of tial and error but now I have the keyboard down…
First, I have to make sure the character for “CHINA” or “Central Country”is pressed:
It’s the rectangle with a vertical line. Makes sense, right?

Country represented as a rectangle.
Line through the center.


Mind blown.
The keyboard that appears is now useable:


CHINA is greyed out.

…and the Buddist angels wept…

Punctuation was a challenge at first…where the heck is the contraction, comma and period?!


“Press the unknown character next to the spacebar and 3. keyboard appears”


Click 1. to get the dollar sign of course!

Did I ever think.I would be a writer someday and use the term “old school emoji”?



I found these smileys while playing this morning:


They probably are variations of “flaming poo”.

It’s actually been a good challenge for me to use the keyboard.

But if there are mispelluns, random.periods and bizarre things ∮ in my.posts or emsil, please understand.

And “Don’t Joke the Monkeys”


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