Cutting expenses

Companies downsize and when that happens to you, you follow suit by cutting expenses.

And the people who helped make my former crazy working life easier got their hours cut too.

Knock on effect…

Sorry hairdresser, lash artist, cute ladies at the nail salon, housekeeper….

HAIR -still cutting my own via youtube. Gasp! I’m a girlie girl but I DO NOT enjoy the Salon, although Neil, from London, had great stories of famous people he knew.
“There was NO WAY Boy George was coming to our wedding! He’s such a DIVA!” lol

Going to a salon-it’s like forcing me to watch NASCAR. 

Now I’m bleaching and toning it myself. My hair. Not a racecar…

“You don’t know what you’re doing!”


Yes I do. It looks great.

L’Oreal Super Blonde #200 and Brass banisher for $20 at
Also useful is Fanci-Full in “Bashful Blonde” for $5.

NAILS-I cut my fingernails down to nubbins as usual. I garden and make the bed anyway-they get in the way. Models have short nails if you’ve noticed. Sally Beauty Supply has a great array of supplies but usually clear polish is just fine. This always horrified the nail salon ladies. “Just CLEAR? No HEARTS?!

Use olive oil if you have to get out the door quick!

LASHES- I miss this one most because I could wake up cute but I don’t miss lying on that table as still as a log for 90 minutes.

It’s harder than it sounds. Eyes closed, no itching. no talking. no wiggling. no bathroom.

I would rather have $ to spend on some cute clothes or garden things. I use Physicians Formula extensions for $13 at

FACE CREAM – I loved my Mario Badescu for years but, alas, it never made me look like Kandee Johnson.

It was thick and luxurious..

but $35!

Olay night firming is just as nice for $6.
And it smells good too.

Finally, my housekeeper, who used to come 2x a month-I crafted a nice text in Spanish and we negotiated. I had to cut her work to 1x month just floors and toilets. I am now the homemaker and don’t mind being the “little house fairy” now. Besides, I gave her a good shout out on the Nextdoor app.

Overall, an estimated savings of $550 per month!

I’m not back in grad school but I do want to spend wisely and focus on what’s really important.




Our future.


So there you have it. A few tips and tricks this town and country girl uses!


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