Eating dogfood in retirement?

This is a true story.

A few weeks ago at the Smart Money Conference, we had the wonderful opportunity to meet financial advisor, Chris Hogan.

Best handshake in the world, funny, smart as a whip.

In his baritone voice, he told of his voice changing to a deep “Allstate-like” tone at 13. This was confusing to candy givers at Halloween….

He also had several horror stories of unnamed pro baller clients being frivolous and childish with fame and their short-lived fortune.

And dogfood.

One day, a great aunt (in her 80s) of one of these pro ballers needed help mowing her yard. The dutiful man went to her house, mowed, and went to her cupboards for a snack.

Upon opening the cupboard, he was shocked to find only cans of

She does not have a dog.


Her younger self did not take care of her older self.

She did not plan for living into her 80s and there was not a dry eye at the conference.

The average household income in the US is $50,000.

Most people are not saving and are taking retirement early-at 62 instead of 66-severely discounted by about HALF  from full retirement at 66, or for Gen Xers, age 67.

The income BEFORE TAXES-yep, it is taxed TWICE.

Is $1200.

The government needs 25% please.


Could your family live on $900 month?!

Is it any wonder she was eating dogfood?!

Do you want this kind of retirement?


You should be.

What can you do?

Go to
Open a ROTH IRA.
Add $100/month to it.

Work to age 66 (Boomers)or 67 (Xers).


Or enjoy Ol’ Roy casserole….
You should know that after that the baller couple came back to see Chris and paid attention this time. They wanted to help Auntie out.


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