Addicted to eyelash extensions?

Ok my guy readers probably not.

Before I retired, my eyelash extensions were great. One less step in the morning saved me time and smudges during the day.

Being part Scandinavian, my eyelashes were once described by a French woman as “meecroscopeek!”

Getting eyelash extensions is not for the sqeamish. I always had to go to my “happy place” whilst lying on a table for 90minutes while each lash was glued on.

Yes. I am totally serious.

And they are costly even at a cheap place. $120 including tip every 6 weeks.

I swear that God intervenes in my magazines: I saw an add for Physicians Formula extension mascara. $15.

I read the reviews on amazon and then went to my local Ulta store. One last container remained for $14.99.


Upon the recommendation of an amazon user, I bought a hand mirror for $5 so I could look down to apply.


I had my luxurious lashes again!

I’m navigating my new life on a retirement budget and it’s easier than I thought.

You can probably even see me wink across any room now ;)

you can get this incredible stuff at walmart or online @


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