Smooth Lava or Krakatoa

With the low gas prices I just got laid off.

Before you gasp lets get some perspective:

A few years ago my husband and I went to Hawaii. The BIG ISLAND where the volcano is erupting steady smooth lava. One night we were lead by another geologist across Mauna Loa to see the lava at night.

It was beautiful and incredible. It looked a bit like Mount Doom but was calm. Pitch black when we turned off our headlamps. The glow of the steady lava was bright red and surreal. The dangers known and fairly predictable. Wr were standing on earth less than a week old.

Then there is Krakatoa: the viscous set of 3 volcanos that imploded on itself and killed 34,000 people with a poison gassy, half mile high pyroclastic flow that glided along the top of the ocean to sear the lungs of the people of Java and Sumatra in 1883. The noise of Krakatoa was heard around the world. Krakatoa also caused a giant Tsunami that put a Dutch trading ship on the top of the island.

In 1883 the people were not prepared.

They did not see it coming.

Follwing Dave Ramsey’s principals over the last few years, I have prepared my family for disaster.

The layoff was not a shock to me.  I was ready for Krakatoa, having paid off all debts, living below our means and setting down my torch for women in geology for the next generation.

Money is about mindset and behaviour. I stopped being defined by my job a while ago. What I did as a profession did not define me. Who I am does.

I am willing and have grit. Willing to be the person who suits up and shows up when she is ill and in pain. I am a teacher-willing to share what has helped me in life. I am a student-willing to learn new things and embrace this new chapter in life.

“Are you giving up? Why not get another job?”

While my mind is still sharp about geology, my body can no longer handle the sedentary corporate computer screen day life anymore. Sitting is so incredibly painful and standing all day is taxing.

I have prepared for Krakatoa but the impact is more like admiring smooth lava.

Someday is here.

I am officially retired and can stand on 3-day old earth and not worry.


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