Don’t yell, Yelp.

If Voltaire was alive today he might write “the thumb-size tiny touch screen keyboard is mightier than the sword.”

Case in point-Yelp.

Yelp is a great app where one can write good or bad reviews of a business.

Retailers respond to this.

Last summer, I dropped off our underwater cameras for film processing at a major pharma retailer.

I was assured that it would be “no problem” to pick the digital photo disk up in late September after recovering from my surgery.

These were pics of me and my husband swimming with dolphins in Hawaii. A once-in-lifetime trip.

Imagine my mood when I hobbled to claim them and they had been destroyed.

I am not quick to anger but I was fuming.

Instead of yelling, I threatened a bad review on yelp and explained that I would take $100 as compensation. I was willing to go with $100 instead of $500 because I weighed about 30lbs more then….

Of course I didn’t tell them THAT.

The matter went to their corporate office.

A few weeks later, a letter of apology and a check for $100 arrived.

In 2015, Voltaire’s way is still alive and well.

Don’t yell.



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