Could Uber bankrupt you?

There’s always something new to learn from the Dave Ramsey podcasts.

A woman phoned in about starting a business to transport senior citizens.

He suggested she form an “incorporated” business name and have the auto insurance cover her car as a business.

“The nice little old lady might not be so nice if she gets into a wreck with you. She could sue your business but not you personally.”

Which brought him to Uber-the trend of people taking stranger’s rides in exchange for money.

He explained that both parties are at risk: since the car is being used for a business purpose neither the driver nor the passenger(s) would be covered by auto insurance in a wreck.

That is horrifying.

It could cost each party $100,000 for a single collision and bankrupt them both.

I hadn’t even thought about it until yesterday.

A few months ago, my husband and I used Hail-a-Cab app to get a licensed taxi for dinner out. A young 20-something ultra-hipster couple had used the Uber app. The Uber guy arrived first and for a moment I thought, “maybe we need to get with it and not be so afraid of being murdered.”

$100,000 and being alive is cooler than bankruptcy, don’t you think?


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