How I lost over 30 stubborn pounds

This is a long post.
Use the restroom.
Grab a coffee.
It may just change your life.

One tall-girl problem is that you have to lose about 20lbs before other people begin to notice.

I’m 5’7″ and pre-diabetic and probably leptin-resistant.

(don’t worry, if you watch the fructose 2.0 video below you will understand what I mean).

The pre-diabetic, Leptin resistant bit has been around since age 6 I suspect. Chubby kid with a Budda Belly who loved noodles and butter. “2×4″ teasing and all.

Yes, of course I needed therapy for that!

5’7” since age 10. “Giraffe or Moose” from some, “model height” from my Aunt Becky.

I love her.

Now that 30+ lbs have come off and I have gone from size 12 to size 4, even my female doc @ Hotze wants to know “how”?

The “bucket 90” ketogeic diet

plus 600mg EPA plus DHA combined (5 1000mg Nordic Naturals fish oil capsules daily) and “ramekins” for portion control.

Ramekins are those little white bowls often used at restaurants for

creme brulee’…sigh.

My nutritionist, Dr. Fred Emmite of the Magnolia Pharmacy, is a genius.

When I went to see him in May 2014, I was vegan, working out, starving, and frustrated. I gave up. I figured at 45 I would just have to accept a larger, middle-aged body and dress it as nicely as I could.

He said “your body can’t tell the difference between cookie dough and veggies”.

Great. Veggies are fattening for me.


I hate them anyway.

“What?! That is cray! Broccoli won’t make you fat!”
(In Jim Gaffigan’s voice).

30+ lbs doesn’t lie. Broccoli may not make normal people fat, but I might as well have cookie dough.

Or creme brulee’…

Where was I?…

Oh yes!

Ketogenic “90 bucket” diet:

*Ketogenic= NO MORE than 20g carbs/day.

*The 5 buckets:

Bucket 1.
Meat, fish, egg whites, avocados and olive oil. Each time I am hungry (tummy growling), I eat a hand-size portion of meat or cooked egg white plus some olive oil and sea salt. This really helps curb your appetite for the bad stuff and to eat when you are physically hungry.

5 gel capsules of Nordic Naturals fish oil lemon flavour. Don’t skimp here, trust me.

Sweet treat:
A Tablespoon of Justin’s almond butter with sea salt and strawberry flavoured stevia. (Justin’s is the best. All others taste like dust)

Hot water with vanilla or caramel stevia.

To lose, eat just things in
Bucket 1

NO PEANUT BUTTER (this is a legume, not a nut. Akin to peas).

Work out 90 mins day/every day until you hit your goal. Get a used tablet, buy and download a few seasons of shows and walk on the treadmill or get on the elliptical. Low impact.

I am not kidding.


Pause now to cry.
It’s ok.

I’ll wait…..

The rest of these buckets are really off limits unless you are on the treadmill 24/7 or decide to become a mountain goat photographer:

Bucket 2.
Veggies-if you work out 91 mins/day or more you “get” to have these. Oh goody. Yuck.

Bucket 3.
If you work out 240 minutes, Whole Fruit. I haven’t had a whole piece of fruit in nearly a year and I’m ok with that. Too sweet now anyway. There’s a reason most are shaped round. Fat bombs.

Bucket 4.
Whole Grains and beans-oatmeal, quinoa, black beans. I would pretty much have to be a marathon runner with no boobs to eat these. I have always disliked sporty sport competition. No thank you.

Bucket 5.
Bread, sugar, orange juice, juice, alcohol. These are taboo and you may find that your body rejects wine, champagne during ketogenisis. Your liver has become a fat-burning machine and will make you vomit your fancy champange dinner about 6 hours later anyway.

It’s a built-in deterrent.

No more than 20g carbs/day and only the right kind of carbs-Justin’s.

*new clothes!
*Project Runway on my tablet
*seeing results
*Feeling good. I used to use wine to “relax” now I use my tub with hot water or I write or fly micro kites or watch a fun show.

*visial aid video:
I really understood what my body was doing with juice or wine. It’s frightening: this video could change your life:

It’s a powerful image that keeps me on track.
A typical day:
Black coffee

Egg whites w 1 tsp. vinegar poached in a vintage Oster egg cooker (the new ones suck). Top with Le Grande vegan pesto, Bragg’s olive oil and sea salt.

In a hurry? McDonalds 2 egg white delights-substitute sausage and DON’T EAT THE BREAD. You can sneak a bite, but just one!

Also, you can SKIP BREAKFAST!

What?! Oh the nutrition Police will get me!

Oh Poo! Don’t eat if you’re not hungry.

Revoke your membership to the “clean plate club”. Better into the garbage than onto your butt.

11-1PM workout on treadmill or elliptical. Have a fav show to watch- the time will go by.
Go slow, low impact.
Water water water-you won’t be able to get enough.

Hot drink
Coffee or hot water with stevia

About 2pm I’m hungry again.
Fish balls-made from Swai fillets whipped in food processor and dried. Use an ice cream scoop to get the same size. Boil in broth. When they float to top they’re done. Top with olive oil and sea salt or hot chili oil (no soy).

Or chicken meat with olive oil and LeGrande pesto. Cook your chicken with the skin ON. Your body needs fat, not sugar.

Coffee or hot water with stevia

At 5-6pm hungry again.
Sfh pure whey protein-2 scoops mix with water and ice.
Have some hot water with stevia to sip during the evening instead of wine.

Justin’s almond butter with strawberry stevia. 1-2 T of it depending in how hungry I am.

So-some tips:

Weigh yourself in the morning each morning after the restroom and before coffee.

Allow yourself to feel sorry for yourself 5 minutes/day. Life is not fair but you are not alone!

Keep the end in mind. I kept the image of the bikini I wanted to buy in mind.

Shopping list:
Egg whites
LeGrande vegan pesto-Whole Foods. I buy 6-8 at a time.

Oster vintage cooker (ebay).
Food processor

Bacon-yep, you can have this. I buy the Hormel pre-cooked. My fav is Applegate cooked in oven 400deg 25 mins. Costco or Amazon.

Avocados-to ripen, put in a paper bag until the avocados are soft.

Swai fillets-Kroger frozen section. Takes 3 days to defrost. So, pull them out of freezer Wed to make on the weekend.

Sfh whey

These you can get on amazon:
Justin’s almond butter
Caramel and strawberry stevia
Mikey’s muffins-if you really have to have “bread”. You won’t lose eating these but you won’t gain either.

Your new bikini:
Tops true to size, bottoms, add 2 sizes.

Don’t give up on you.
Aging is a choice.
You are worth it.

I always admired Oprah for especially one thing:
“If I have any work done on mahself, I will tell you.”

I did have a tummy tuck in August as part of a major surgery for endometriosis. It was time to get a “non-mommy makeover”. That removed 3lbs of loose skin and flattened the Budda belly.

2 months, later, I had lipo contouring that shaped my waist-I never had a waist-it was genetically too high and wide. Lipo removed 6lbs of fat.

I still had to endure excruciating pain and do all the work prior to surgery 1 and 2 and workout to get the last 15 off.


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