This gas tax map might make you mad

Taxes on a gallon of gas.

You may not have noticed them when prices for the commodity were around $3.50.

But now, at around $2/gal, the percentage is high in some states.

Red is the highest percentage at nearly 30%.

CA is not a big surprise. They would tax breathing given the chance.

The East Coast not a surprise either. No refineries there.

Most interesting is Illinois and Indiana. Indiana has an ENORMOUS tax relative to Illinois despite being near refining.

Why the vast difference?

I don’t know yet.

That’s the thing about spatial analysis-answering 1 question creates another.

It keeps me curious and writing.

I made this map from these sources:
*Gas buddy (best price of largest city on Dec 9th exclusive if memberships like Costco). *American Petroleum Institute-keeps up with federal and state taxes. *ESRI-free online ArcGIS tool


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