Selling clothes on Tradesy

I have a “store” on tradesy and things are beginning to sell-yay!

It’s easy.
1.Install tradesy app
2. Sign up
3. Begin to take pics of your clothes. (They clean up the pics so that they look great). 4. Choose a price-they will guide you.
5. When your item sells, you receive an email with a “confirm sale” link. 6. Print the pre-paid postage.
7. Send in the mail.
8. Now you have $ to spend at Tradesy.

Tradesy vs. my local consignment shop:

1. My take is higher, but I get the $ to spend at Tradesy instead of cash.

2. Clothes sell more slowly but the audience is wider. I don’t get that “closet purge high” I used to when “cleaning out the closet”.

3. No more spouting off about still overpriced bags and men from my bit-of-a-whackadoodle consigning lady.

I may have a few wintry items I will need to take after xmas-so, a little bit of that cleaned closet thrill.

It’s the little things.


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