The best $89 you can spend

I have never seen this kit for half price until now.

Financial Peace University (FPU) DVD kit is at the ebay price of $89 and it will be THE BEST $ you may ever spend, I guarantee it.

My husband and I are on DVD 3 and we have rewatched #1 a few times.

Regardless of your religious or spiritual views, this is life-changing. If it feels “churchy” then take what you like and leave the rest (says Mrs. Badcrumble). Keep an open mind.

FPU is solid and entertaining advice with practical, hands-on solutions.

God, the Universe, a Higher Power, human connection-it does not matter what you call it. Wouldn’t you love to be a steward of wealth and help decide who and what receives financial help?

Wouldn’t you love to keep your marriage or partnership strong or improve it? This will bring you closer.

Wouldn’t you love to not stress about money and enjoy life a bit more?

I swear this program will change your life (I get no kickback on this- the Ramsey folks don’t know I exist. I just love to share what works!)

Buy yourself or a loved one this amazing gift-if you don’t like it, you can sell it on ebay or craigslist:


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