Dr. Oz no more

2 years ago I couldn’t get enough of Dr. Oz. I watched his start from the Oprah show to his own show and loved when he brought real cadaver bits onto the show.

It was on my DVR. I took notes.

A lot of them.

I took the notes to Whole Foods and bought scads of things that never helped me feel better or lose weight.

That only happened when I found the Hotze health and wellness center, Dr. Mangal, Dr. Emmite, Dr Cukier and Dr. Lustig.

A low fat diet may be the WORST thing for your particular body. Being VEGAN may not help you lose weight (carbs,carbs,carbs)! 1/3 of all once normal-weight people are leptin-resistant (Robert Lustig, Fat Chance 2.0)

I think I am one of them.

I drives me nuts now when Dr. Oz is on and everyone is bats about “fish n veggies” or low fat this and that.

Not every one is the same.

Not 1 chia seed fits all.

So, what do you do if you are struggling?

Dr. Fred Emmite of the Magnolia pharmacy-a nutritionist who works with YOUR body to find what is right for YOU. He’s cool-my appointments are now via Facetime.

Dr. Robert Lustig videos:

Get super nerdy here:

I turned off Dr. Oz (“thank God” my husband is probably thinking)

and threw away the leg warmers….


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