Book Review, for fun?

Am I nuts?

Reading a book and writing a report for funzies?

Tell that to the 5th grade me with a headgear and brathesth and she would have rolled her eyes, said “nanoo nanno” and rolled away on a skateboard.

In my car each day, I listen to Dave Ramsey .mp3 downloaded files that I get from and load onto my ipod. (Getting those files ONTO my ipod requires a file I keep for reference entitled “ipod hell”.

The other evening, Dave was interviewing researcher and author Thomas Corley. He stated all kinds of interesting facts and figures of following 2 groups of people for 5 years. He found that daily habits create wealth or poverty. For example, 78% of poor workers gossip at work, only 6% if wealthy workers do.

I know I made a crinkly face in traffic upon hearing this-really?! Tell me more weird stats like that one.

I’m not just a math nerd, I’m a math superfreak. Daily, I am in awe of my engineering coworkers that make artistry of math. I digress…

Back to basic stats. That’s all I really wanted out of the book entitled “Rich Habits” that I bought and read on my phone. What I got was 85 pages of sweet, sappy stories with some content. Bummer đŸ˜¦

85 pages?


Vogue is 200 pages. And it smells good.

There are no stats in here. No graphs. Nothing for math superfreaks.

There may be hope in; I went to the search bar and typed “stats”. Boom! Treasure trove.

Like “41% of the wealthy were B students”, 21% were A.

77% were not exceptional students.

I love this kind of funky info.

It feeds my inner math superfreak soul.

So, to report out: don’t buy the book but DO go to

I can hardly wait to read it in the morning!


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