Buy but don’t sell @ Twice

The Twice app. Good for buying but not selling.

Kinda bummed about this one. Thought I might be onto something quite cool.

I sent in about 20 nice, clean items (Ann Taylor, Calvin Klein, Antonio Melani). They only accepted 4 of them citing “stains” on the others.

I checked them all for stains carefully because another reviewer cited a similar problem (“obviously she eats spaghetti sauce.” I thought.)

“Apparently”, Twice have a CSI department and may use luminal to look for microscopic “stains”.


Suspicious, I even looked for my items on ebay- not there..yet. I will keep looking though.

It’s back to selling at my local consignment shop where the manager barks “consignor number!” upon entry (“C32! C32, Wallaby Way, Sydney!”…)


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