The baseball collection

I mentioned before that my ex unwisely “invested” in baseball cards and memorabilia and that the day “I lost everything”, I happened to snag these as all my worldly goods came off an 18wheeler and into the Salvation Army.

After months, here and there of inventorying everything on a spreadsheet, I figured out the retail value: around $3,000. That’s not much considering what he would have paid for these items in the 1990’s and early 2000’s before baseball collections went the way of beanie babies.

Some of the items have price stickers, so I suspect the cost was more back then. Example-some cards marked $2.99 are now worth $1.00.

What if this $ had been invested properly in growth mutual funds?

The $ would be worth $30,000 today, not $3,000!

I have a potential buyer and have sent the spreadsheet.

It will be nice to get the collection out of my peaceful home, frankly.

I can hardly wait.


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