Shoes: new or repair?

I have a favourite pair of shoes.

Beige cutout platform sandals by Giani Bini that I bought on clearance 5 years ago.

And I cannot find a replacement anywhere.

So I took them to a shoe repair place yesterday to see if they could put in new insoles. $28. Seriously?

Mind you this is a cleaner/ shoe intake place near work that lacks hustle. Indifferent to making the sale, getting my business. I don’t tend to linger or return to those kind of places.

I think I paid $19 for my shoes and don’t trust a business that doesn’t act like one with them.

If I could change the oil of my old carburetor car, I can put a new insole in for heaven’s sake. Youtube, I’m thinking.

I will keep searching for those special sandals tho…

Clementine-size 9…


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