Ranch Only


Softest stuff in the world.

Ever since I bought my Prive’ sweaters from Foley’s 10 years ago (now Macy’s) I have been looking for the perfect replacements.

I tried all the usual haunts-Macy’s, Ann Taylor, Talbots and even ebay to no avail. “Touch of Cashmere” is like saying “this sweater is in fact itchy, we just put a bit of softness in there to tease you”.

I ended up with a rainbow of itchy sweaters that I never really loved and sent to boarding school (resale shop).

And don’t get me started on silk sweaters. Little animals boiled alive..:(

The Prive’ sweater (2 ply supersoft cashmere) has holes in the armpits but I love it. I wear it at the Ranch but still pine for some replacements.

This reminds me of a funny story my husband told me: years ago he came across one of one of our ranch neighbors wearing a tee shirt emblazoned “Ranch Only”. We could only imagine that perhaps he and his sons had gone into town wearing holey field clothes, embarrassing the wife/mother. Perhaps she wrote “Ranch Only” clothes to avoid this.

This year, I’m going rogue-men’s sweaters are much cheaper and better made. Joseph A Bank is having a preview sale of online Black Friday-the sweaters will be half price. Right now they are 2/$300. Not bad for 2-ply cashmere but I am saving for other things.

I think I will wait. What man will be shopping online for sweaters on Black Friday? What woman will be buying her American man Med or Large? Very few.

I hope I’m not wrong or it will be another winter with armpit-hole sweater.

“Ranch Only”


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