Consignment apps, best, worst

Consignment shops-there are (several) apps for that. published a list of known apps and websites with detail:

I test drove them all for buying. Next post, I will check out selling.

1. ThreadUp-easy to use, filter, clothes professionally photographed. Tank shirts for $6-10.

2. Poshmark -easy to use and filter. Tanks around $10-15 with shipping. Photographed by users. You can find great deals here.

3. Tradesey- fairly good filters. Lacks search tool. Clothes professionally photographed. Wide range of price. Tanks from $7-40 but a few more stylish pieces.

4. Twice – click the “New” tab to get to filters. clothes professionally photographed. Lacks a search tool. Tank shirts for around $8.

5. -fun and edgy. Filters and search work. You may find one-of-a-kind items here. Tanks were around $40.

6. The RealReal -you can set up your sizes in settings gear icon. Then go to “my feed”. I got the search tool to work today. Luxury items will run you $75-300 for a tank, $300 for shoes.

7. ShopHers – go to “products” to start, then “refine” for filters. Filters don’t always work and the prices are steep. $100 -$1,000 tanks and tees. Seriously?

8. Threadflip – filters and “my sizes” useful. No search tool. Mass brands with some luxury mixed in. Tanks run about $30. Might take a lot of browsing to find what you’re looking for.

Here are the crap ones to avoid: – should be named Klunky & What year is this? Design as a mobile site or app? What is an app?
Good entertainment value to see how NOT to design a 21st century website. : for selling only. You trade in luxury brands and you get gift cards. I owned NONE of the brands they “accept”.
If you can afford those brands, why would you want a gift card? Please. Skip. a place for label.. Em.. “Hounds”.
New arrivals, shop now. Use the white pull down tab to get to filters on the left. Has a search tool but doesn’t work very well and filters don’t stick. Tanks wide range $50-$300. Annoying. klunky site. Has search but not by size. Another crap site for the “hounds”. Tanks range from $35-$300. Pass. -another “hound” klunky app. Search tool does not filter by size. Price range wide for tanks $10-$500. C’mon, man… -yet another “hound” site where one cannot filter by size. Ugh. Tanks around $75. Pass.

I have bought from Poshmark with good results and just ordered from Tradesey and Twice. All have been shipped.


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