TLCs Extreme Cheapskates

Weird people love to be on tv.

Meet Angel. A tatted-up, 8 months-pregnant woman who is proud to dumpster-dive:

Extreme Cheapskates.TLC. 2014

For many, including yours truly, dumpster-diving is a right of passage during very poor college years. I found a pair of jeans in the 80’s and always found moving boxes when needed. (I have moved 26 times in my life).

These days, I understand a lot more about infectious disease, so I avoid these like…

wait for it…

the plague!

As I watch Angel, I’m mentally tallying the cost of her tats. Those that are visible, maybe have cost her $1,000.

What if she had taken that money and invested it and let it sit for a working lifetime?


She had her husband create a breast pump from a bicycle pump and other things from the garbage to save $200.

Hello, Craigslist? $25
A baby shower?

This is just one example of people who have taken being thrifty to achieve a goal, to obsessive stupidity. The need to “count matches on the floor” supersedes any common sense.

A list of the dumbest from all the characters I saw on this show: *homemade breast pump
*newspaper as toilet paper
*16th Bday party at a Houston strip club during the day (you have a nice home-have it there!) *Salmon carcass dinner
*sharing dental floss
*sharing a coffin (just get cremated-good Heavens!)
*Being married but acting like roommates, locking up snacks, labeling individual eggs?! *Trimming hedges after midnight in the dark?! Whoops, my arm! *reusing a real xmas tree?! Hello fire!
*pickin’ salad from where “the cows came through”. E. Coli for all! Yay!

I see glaring expenses overlooked by the obsessed:
*Junk food
*Doing medical trials
*massive DVD collections
*Giant screen TVs
*Cheap jewelry
*Gold necklaces
*Designer purses
*Venues for birthday parties-use your house and backyard!
*Buying cakes-make cupcakes and let kids frost them!
*Not getting a second job
*Embarrassing the people they are with at the cash register for effect.

The pattern I saw was the delight in horrifying others. I tried looking this up as a kind of disorder, the closest 2 were sadism (enjoying seeing others be uncomfortable) and OCD (lack of flexibility and need for control).

It’s easy to start getting a “high” with a good bargain. I get that. I used to be obsessed with garage sales, but I see that that was a way to escape an unhappy marriage and fill My heart with “things”. I have just 1 precious sweater that I got for 50 cents. A Ralph Lauren cashmere turtleneck that comes out only on the very coldest days.

Be mindful of your budget but don’t frighten your friends…


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