Eggs: is “cage free” a lie?

Egg whites: one of my food staples being on a ketogenic food plan (super low carb for pre-diabetes).

I have always had compassion for animals and wish I could be vegan, but I cannot-I’m sensitive to dairy and soy and veggies put the weight on me even when working out 90 mins/day. (Yes, the biology of my mutated body sucks).

Super low carb relegates me to whey isolate every 3rd day (grass fed, humanely-treated cows) eggs and animal meat (fish too). I buy humane products when I can.

Many manufacturers are out to get your dollar and that includes egg producers. “Cage Free” is a new marketing lie of which you should be aware.
It could mean that all the hens are just crowded into a horrible giant warehouse to walk on piles their own feces and breathing ammonia. I would be stressed out here, wouldn’t you?

In reading about what makes life miserable for chickens, I found these things: *crowding
*extreme temps
*no roosters “roos”
*no access to outdoors

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence from those who raise small flocks that having the right “roo” keeps hens from fighting. They bring a sense of protection and calm. Some “roos” bring food, coo, and cuddle the hens. I totally get that.

Rocky from Chicken Run. Dreamworks. 2000.

I feel calmer and happier when my “roo” is around too.

I had a look at the array of eggs to buy at a grocer’s yesterday:

Cheap eggs cost $0.16-you can imagine the conditions for the hens-tiny cages, hormones, antibiotics, GMO corn, soy, gasp…other chickens? Also, they can be starved on purpose to make them molt and reset egg-laying.

Starved on purpose.

Are you kidding me?!

In the “health” aisle:
Here are crap buzzwords:

*”Natural”-all eggs are natural. Duh

*”Cage Free”-possible high-stress, horrid environment as per picture above. Can be de-beaked and starved.

“Grain-fed”: this could be GMO corn for all we know. GMO corn has built-in pesticides that are “natural”.

$2.69 or $0.22 each

Brown eggs for $0.10 more/dozen.
They are no healthier than the previous dozen. Egg colour is determined by the colour of the hen’s ear or by the breed. Same egg: $0.23/each

For $0.20 more you get “Omega-3’s”!
Oh boy!
Omega-3’s also occur in the other eggs, and current research shows that the best source is still wild caught fish. I think we’re really paying for the pink ink on the box. Looks snazzy with the green, no?

Same egg:$0.25/each


Simple Truth?


So, if I give a flip about chickens, what kind should I choose?

1. Farmers Market.
Chickens have access to outdoors (eating bugs and things), roos, space and no beak clipping or forced starvation.

2. “Pasture” or “Certified Humane” eggs-becoming more prevalent in grocers. I found the last box in the health aisle (those who shop these aisles tend to know). $5.99 $0.50/each
Or $1-2/meal per person
“Certified Humane” is about $3.00/box
Both of these allow beak-clipping.

It’s worth it to me to choose this because I can vote with my dollar.

I spend nothing on cereal or dairy (inflammatory and fattening for me) or veggies or fruit (fattening), so my food dollars can go towards the happier hen eggs.

If you want eggs from happier hens, look for these words:

*Certified humane

And don’t fall for the
“Simple Truth” that simply isn’t.


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